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Bird Collison Zone
(collaboration with Geneviève Raiche-Savoie)
Model. Ready-made. Acrylic Paint. 2014.

It is estimated that across Canada, 16-42 million birds are killed annually by collisions with buildings. Most collision deaths occur at residential buildings because they are the most common and widespread building types. Nevertheless, because many high-rise office buildings are clad in large expanses of reflective glass, they can cause a highly disproportionately number of collisions annually, particularly if they are adjacent to natural areas that attract high densities of birds. Mitigating collisions at all building types is an important step in reducing fatal collisions in Vancouver and elsewhere in Canada. The orange colour in this model represents the Bird Collision Zone, which is the height that presents the highest collision probability. This height is up to mature tree height, or up to the fourth floor of a building, whichever is highest.